Western Living and Loving Life

PDiamondJ Ranch  started with a family of four and a horse ranch.  The boys had a love for cattle to so they expanded our home in sharing their love for country living; Now our family of four has turned into a family of nine with more horses and cows.  Our blended family could not be closer if we actually were a true blood related family.  Everyone not only has a story, a horse, and many other animals but a special talent.  Josh, or Dad to the kids, started the wood shop about 15 years ago with his dad, Jed Jahn. In January of 2020 we lost him, and Josh has chose to keep his passion going and continue to grow the business to his dads dream.  Shae, or Mom to the kids, truly loves the animals and the shop she spends more time outside than in the house.  Thomas's only passion is animals he can be found on the back of a good horse or working with a colt.  Cory loves the ranch life and turning wrenches, but he is also starting to add horse shoe art into our site.  Logan is happy he found this life and would rather be in the barn with the horses than at his day job, so he is beginning leather work in January to add to the site.  Antaun says the ranch saved his life, and loves the animals and is trying to find his nitch in what he wants to add to the shop and ranch.  Whitney and Charlie, both girls are full time college students and very talented with a variety of different art styles, they both are going to be adding their work to the site soon!